Installing roller shutter doors and windows, ensures that the most vulnerable area of your building has maximum security.

We can supply, install and offer maintenance services for roller shutters of any type or size. Along with the install of the roller shutter, we can also provide electronic access and/or remote controls for ease of use.

Roller Shutter Doors and Windows

To ensure we can offer you the full service you require, we are able to carry out steel fabrication for your specific requirements.

We can design, fabricate and erect a range of metal fabrications to meet our clients requirements, ensuring the right material is used for the job.

When it comes to protecting your property, physical security is essential. Calztec Facilities offer services to cover all aspects of physical security to help safegaurd your property.

Physical Security

Installing high quality security fencing and gates is an effective way of preventing intruders from entering your premises. 

​Our surveyors are able to complete a full report on your business and pinpoint any areas of weak security, in order to provide you with recommendations on how best to protect your property.

Electronic Security

Restricting access with gates, barriers and bollards, ensures only people that you want and expect to visit are allowed into your premises. Calztec Facilities can help ensure that you will get the most appropriate physical barrier to stop unauthorised visitors.

There are a number of different barriers you can have to restrict access, including;

  • Rising arm barriers 
  • Pole arm barriers 
  • Automatic rising bollards 
  • Embedded bollards
  • Manual lift out bollards 
  • Rebounding bollards



Barriers and Bollards

Please visit our Electronic Security page here.

Steel Fabrication

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